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Many of our patients come to us wanting to improve the appearance of their smiles because they have high profile careers, active social lives, or just want to feel great about how they look. At Alliance Dental, we offer a wide range of cosmetic services. Dr. Spaska Malaric is highly skilled in both comprehensive dentistry as well as the art of cosmetic dentistry, and you can have the best of both worlds under one roof in our Fort Myers dental office.

Six Month Smiles

Alliance Dental Offers Six Month Braces

Some of the feedback we hear most from patients is that they wish they had straighter smiles. A misaligned smile can make you self-conscious about smiling, speaking, and laughing – some of the very best things in life! That is why Dr. Malaric sought the training and experience necessary to bring her patients Six Month Braces, one of the latest and most convenient ways to achieve a more attractive smile.

How Six Month Braces Works

Designed to address the aesthetics of your smile, Six Month Braces treats only the teeth necessary to give you the appearance you are looking for. Since patients who choose Six Month Braces are concerned with cosmetic treatment of their teeth, we only involve the teeth that are necessary to give you attractive results. Once you have an evaluation with Dr. Spaska Malaric, she can recommend which teeth to move in order to give you the smile you have always wanted.

Six Month Braces utilizes an advanced treatment technique that uses constant low force pressure to move your teeth gently over the course of (on average) six months. Tooth-colored brackets and a clear memory wire make your treatment discreet because, after all, you want people to notice you, not your braces! Once treatment is complete, you will need to wear an orthodontic retainer to keep your teeth in the ideal location and avoid orthodontic relapse.

Advantages of Six Month Braces

Cost – Because treatment takes an average of six months and we only treat the teeth that need to move to improve the appearance of your smile, treatment is often less expensive than traditional orthodontics.

Time – Can you imagine having the smile of your dreams in about six months? It's possible with Six Month Braces! Because this technology uses constant low force pressure and moves only the necessary teeth, you can experience expedited treatment in less time than you might have imagined.

Comfort – Constant low force pressure from a memory wire means your teeth are constantly moving, not just when you have "tightening" appointments. The memory wire gently guides your teeth into their ideal location.

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Review from Jack Solloway
five stars

Jack Solloway

I'm very happy with the level of professionalism and customer service. I highly recommend making the change!
Review from Robert Bailey
five stars

Robert Bailey

Very friendly and professional service. Totally satisfied.
Review from Evgeny Lobanchenko
five stars

Evgeny Lobanchenko

Went in for a dental cleaning and loved it! Will be back. Thanks to Dr. Malaric for the thorough exam and Cecile for her gentle cleaning. Superior service!
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