Paperless Charting

When you choose a doctor or dentist, trust is probably one of your main concerns. Do they have your best interest in mind? Will they keep your conditions and treatment confidential?

Trusting the health professionals in your life is important, and it's something we take seriously here at Alliance Dental.

Secure Paperless Charting

Everyone is concerned about the safety of their identities. When medical and dental professionals have paper charts with social security numbers and personal information available in their offices, it adds another element of risk.

When you go to the doctor or dentist, you should feel confident that your information is stored in such a way that it is not easy to access by unauthorized parties. That is why we use secure paperless charting to store patient records and information.

How Paperless Charting Works

When you come in for an exam or a procedure, we record the information directly into our secure computer system. This includes information about your identity such as your birth date, social security number, and your address. We also record personal information such as your medical history and current health conditions in our secure computer system so that only authorized personnel can access the information.

By eliminating the paper element of your treatment, we eliminate unsecured storage of your most personal details. Your private information will never be visible except to the professionals in our office, all of whom have been well-trained in privacy rules regarding your personal health information.

How We Keep Your Information Safe

Our computers are password protected and can only be accessed by our team. We know that your personal details are the most private possession you have, and that is why we only hire team members who demonstrate the highest level of trust and integrity.

When we back up our information, it is automatically encrypted, taking privacy to the next level. Without the proper software, passwords, and clearance, your data is unreadable by a third party.

Benefits of Paperless Charting

In addition to the safety benefits of secure paperless charting, recording your data in our computer system offers many additional practical benefits.

When we track your periodontal exams, digital dental x-rays, and dental conditions at each visit, we can easily compare your data from one visit to the next. By having this convenient option available, we can quickly compare your health trends over time, allowing us to watch for changes that could indicate a problem.

Having the ability to compare information side-by-side is another way we utilize technology to help you stay healthy. Tracking your conditions allows us to diagnose and treat you at the earliest stages, saving you time and money.

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