Digital X-Rays

One way to protect your oral health is by preventing conditions before they start. At our Fort Myers dental office, we focus on preventive treatment and early diagnosis.

Early detection of dental conditions can help you avoid serious diseases and tooth loss. That is why, at Alliance Dental, we incorporate digital dental x-rays into our patients' preventive treatment plans.

Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

Many patients ask us if dental x-rays are really necessary. After all, if you are not experiencing pain, why take an x-ray? The truth is that by the time a dental condition causes pain, your tooth could be in serious jeopardy. Dental x-rays are a necessary part of diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases.

Digital dental x-rays are fast and accurate. Because the image appears on our computer screen instantly, you don't have to wait for film to develop. Additionally, just like with digital photography, we can zoom in on images to see them in more detail, something that was not possible until the invention of digital x-rays. This allows Dr. Spaska Malaric to look at suspicious areas closely to rule out decay, fractures, cysts, tumors, bone loss, and infection.

When you have a dental emergency, we can diagnose your condition immediately so that we can restore your health and comfort quickly.

Are Digital Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental x-rays have always been among the lowest in radiation emission of all types of medical x-rays. Because they are highly localized and require only low amounts of radiation to achieve an accurate image, they are incredibly safe.

Additionally, with digital dental x-rays, you will experience radiation reduction by up to 80%, making the exposure negligible. In fact, you can absorb greater radiation exposure just by being outdoors.

We only take the images necessary to diagnose dental conditions. Typically, unless you have a dental condition, broken tooth, dental emergency, or other cause for concern, we will take digital dental x-rays approximately once yearly. Not only do we look for conditions such as decay and infection, but we can also compare your x-rays over the years and look for bone loss or abnormal growths.

Since decay often occurs between the teeth and spreads once inside your tooth, it is often not visible with the naked eye alone. Digital dental x-rays are still one of the safest and most cost-effective ways to protect your oral health.

If you have questions about the necessity of dental x-rays or what we find during your exam, one of our helpful team members will be happy to assist you.

Is It Time for Your Next Dental Exam?

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